What Are Some Different Types of Accredited Degrees Online?

What Are Some Different Types of Accredited Degrees Online?

Master of Business Administration; a bachelor's in accounting, agribusiness or nursing; and master of science in adult learning or forensic science are some different types of accredited degrees online. There are approximately 100 to choose from.

Indiana University's Kelley School of Business offers the Master of Business Administration online. Penn State has its own MBA online and master's degrees in economic development, homeland security and software engineering.

Both Indiana University and Penn State offer online versions of most of the degree programs at their brick and mortar locations. Penn State even offers doctoral degrees online, although the list is somewhat limited as of 2015.

Similarly, Walden University offers online doctoral degrees, such as the PhD, criminal justice, nursing, psychology and business administration, as the DBA. Walden University is a brick and mortar school in Minnesota and offers students degree programs that are entirely online or a mixture of online and on-campus. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education accredits Walden University's PhD in education.

Indiana University, Penn State and Walden University are part of a growing number of reputable, accredited brick and mortar universities offering comprehensive, high-quality, online degree programs for such demographics as deployed service members. U.S. News ranks Indiana University's online MBA program fourth best out 1,200 online degree programs it assessed.