What Are Some Different Tutoring Methods?


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Some different techniques used in tutoring are role reversal, giving the student a lot of time and presenting information in steps. Additional techniques are providing examples, relating the information to life and having students paraphrase the information.

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Role reversal is a technique that encourages students to think for themselves instead of being told the answers directly. It helps students assimilate the information from a lesson and also activates the brains of students who are tired or unmotivated.

Giving a student plenty of time to figure out an answer reduces the sense of anxiety. Being patient and providing gentle encouragement inspires the student to be more active in the learning process. Presenting information in small steps helps the information feel more manageable for a student. It is helpful to use index cards, bullets or a single piece of paper dedicated to each part of the subject.

New information is often abstract to the mind and providing examples helps students learn information by finding something relevant to associate it with. Relating material to the student's life is another way to provide examples. This helps with memory and understanding the concepts of the information. Having students re-phrase the information is a way to get them to think and assimilate the information.

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