What Are Some Different Spellings of Popular Names?


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Alexzandre, Ayden, Braedyn, Kolten, Konner, Kaleb, Josef, and Kristopher are some different spellings of popular names for boys. Jazmyn, Rebekkah, Emilee, Katherin, Raechal, and Abigayle are unique twists of common names for girls.

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Alexzandre is a spin-off of the noble and kingly name of Alexander. Ayden, changed from the more common spelling of Aiden, has many different spelling options, including Aiiden, Aaden, Aeden and Aidan. Some parents choose to give a unique spin to a common name by changing the first letter of the popular name by dropping and substituted it with a similar sounding letter. For example, parents may opt to drop the "c" from Colten and add a "k" to come up with the unique spin, Kolten. Furthermore, parents can add other twists by changing vowels within the names, such as Kolton or Koltan. These changes and other like them do not change the pronunciation of the name typically.

The same kind of idea is used when substituting similar sounding letters at the end of names, as well. Such is the case with Joseph and Josef. Switching the order of letters or adding a silent or additional letter, such as from Rachel to Raechal, is another way to add unique spelling changes to names.

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