What Are Some Different Scientific Methods Project Ideas?


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Some scientific methods project ideas include testing whether sunscreen lotions with higher SPFs provide greater protection than those with lower SPFs; evaluating if using a swimming cap makes a swimmer faster, slower or makes little difference; and exploring whether highlighting makes a reader remember material better. Other scientific methods ideas include testing whether caffeine promotes plant growth or whether the bounciness of a golf ball affects the distance that it can be driven on a fairway.

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The scientific method is a process of posing questions about phenomena in the world, theorizing a response, and then testing that response objectively with real life investigations. The scientific process has several stages, but two of the most important ones are the original question, and the experiment that tests the response or hypothesis to that question as objectively as possible. Questions can deal with a very wide range of subjects in the physical world, from animal sciences to chemistry to environmental sciences and many other areas.

The experiment is broken down into several variables: independent, dependent and control. An independent variable changes at different stages of the experiment. In the sunscreen lotion experiment, it is the SPF rating variable that changes. A dependent variable changes along with, or can be dependent on, the independent variable. In the sunscreen lotion experiment, the independent variable is the level of protection. Control variables remain constant. In the example of the sunscreen lotion, it could be the brand of the sunscreen or the amount of sunscreen used.

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