What Are Some Different Online Fire Training Courses?

What Are Some Different Online Fire Training Courses?

Online fire training courses include the U.S. Fire Administration’s self-study course for community educators and the principles of building construction. Kilgore College also offers a variety of online fire training courses such as driver/operator-pumper and hazardous materials operations courses.

The self-study course for community educators from the U.S. Fire Administration teaches the techniques of executing and analyzing safety programs. Educators learn to identify the right people for assistance and the resources for achieving goals. The course incorporates readable questions and activities that require active involvement by the students.

Students learn to analyze the associations of building components to construction codes and firefighter safety in the principles of building construction course. They learn to predict fire behavior on different types of construction including masonry, heavy timber and protected noncombustible building construction. This U.S. Fire Administration course also covers the effect of design components and arising building techniques on fire behavior.

Kilgore College’s driver/operator-pumper course covers fire equipment operations and theories. It teaches students about equipment inspection, the appropriate driving principles and the workings of the pump, including calculations of pressures. The college requires students to attend a firsthand training session to test their skills upon the completion. Students can get certifications after completing the course and the required examinations.

The hazardous materials operations course from Kilgore College provides emergency response staff with the skills required to handle on-site operations in hazardous settings. Students acquire knowledge of planning and executing emergency response, decontamination and containment programs. The course covers hazard recognition, risk assessment and terminologies related to hazardous materials.