What Are Some Different Nutritionist Colleges?

What Are Some Different Nutritionist Colleges?

Some nutritionist colleges include Cornell University; University of California, Berkley; College of the Ozarks and New York University. These schools rank highly on Public Health Online’s list of top nutrition degree programs.

Cornell’s Division of Nutritional Sciences offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in nutrition, dietetics and global health. Students learn about nutrition as it applies to public health and discover how to interpret and perform their own research. Cornell offers substantial opportunities for hands-on experience through dietetic and nutritionist internships.

UC Berkley’s nutrition program takes a comprehensive approach to the subject, focusing on the science of nutrition in addition to standard dietetics. The college’s diverse curriculum stresses learning outside of the classroom, offering weekly nutritional science seminars that bring together guest speakers from various industries across the country.

College of the Ozarks, a Christian institution, tackles nutrition from a public service perspective. The school’s nutrition students take an ethical approach to dietetics, promoting proper nutrition for the welfare of communities. The college’s nutritionist curriculum focuses on everything from science and math to food safety and sanitation.

NYU’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees, equipping students with the skills to enter the business world, academia, the non-profit sector and other nutrition-related fields. NYU’s curriculum offers courses on a wide range of subjects, from pediatric nutrition to food sustainability.