What Are the Different Meanings for the Word "concord" in the English Language?

different-meanings-word-concord-english-language Credit: Horia Varlan/CC-BY 2.0

In English, "concord" is defined as being an agreement between parties, leaders, individuals, and other groups and entities. In addition unanimity, accord, harmony, covenant, treaty and peace are also other terms associated with the word's meaning. In music, concords are combinations of tones that are harmonious and stable.

Concord is also a term used in English to describe grammatical agreement between two words in the same sentence. Subject-verb concord, or agreement, simply states that singular subjects are paired with singular verbs. Plural subjects are paired with plural verbs. Pronoun concord calls for correspondence between gender, personal pronouns and antecedents indicating whether the pronouns are singular or plural.