What Are Some Different LPN Online Colleges?

What Are Some Different LPN Online Colleges?

No colleges offer online Licensed Practical Nursing programs. However, colleges such as Montgomery Community College in Troy, North Carolina offer hybrid LPN diploma programs where students may complete a portion of the required coursework online.

Fully online programs to become an LPN do not exist because students must learn, practice and display competency in hands-on skills through hundreds of hours of clinical work experience. This requirement for LPN's prohibits completion of a diploma via the Web.

Hybrid LPN programs offer greater flexibility to students than standard on-campus degree programs by allowing students to complete the knowledge portion of their diploma through online classes. Students learn practical skills through face-to-face interactions with instructors in simulation laboratory and real-world clinical settings.

Allnurses.com lists 12 colleges, one of which is in Canada, offering hybrid LPN diploma programs. Montgomery Community College offers a hybrid LPN program for roughly $5,000 for in-state tuition and $12,000 for out of state tuition, as of 2015. Under the direct supervision of an RN, students complete 480 hours of clinical work providing patients with medical care. Students complete coursework online.

A similar hybrid LPN program at Southeastern Illinois College costs less than $9,000. The program is full time; however, students are only required to attend campus three days per week.