What Are Some Different Lettering Styles?

What Are Some Different Lettering Styles?

Foundation hand, formal italic, sharpened Gothic, German blackletter and celtic uncial are some different lettering styles. Lettering styles or typefaces are mainly classified into serif, sans serif, script and decorative styles. It is to be noted that, in spite of their similarities, lettering and typography are different from each other.

Foundation hand is among the easiest lettering styles with respect to reading. The primary focus is on legibility.

Formal italic is more stylish but legible. The letters have an angle of slope, which can be changed as per requirement.

Sharpened Gothic has a distinctive style with main focus on decoration. It is usually used in poems and certificates.

German blackletter is mainly used in titles and in between sentences or in documents to highlight specific words. It is an attractive lettering style, but is more difficult to read.