What Are Some Different Kinds of Health Worksheets?

What Are Some Different Kinds of Health Worksheets?

Many health worksheets are related to individual health, covering topics such as nutrition and fitness. Other health worksheets are related to the body, first aid and lifestyle choices.

Several health worksheets focus on the topic of nutrition. They teach children about the foundation of healthful eating and about making healthy food choices. For instance, NourishInteractive.com features several printable worksheets related to nutrition, portion control and reading food labels. Some worksheets are simple coloring activities, while other encourage students to use their knowledge to complete the activities.

Several health worksheets teach about the importance of fitness. For example, one worksheet from TeacherVision.com has students list exercises and predict how often they can do them in a minute. The students then test their theories by engaging in the exercise.

Some health worksheets relate to specific types of health. For example, there are many worksheets for teaching about dental health. Some worksheets offer the history of dental health, while others help students learn to take care of their teeth.

Other health worksheets are dedicated to teaching children the importance of life choices. For example, another TeacherVision.com worksheet helps students explore the dangerous effects of smoking. Many health worksheets are also related to illness. BusyTeacher.org has a range of worksheets to promote vocabulary related to health problems. The site also includes worksheets teaching children how to talk about illness.