What Are Some Different Junior College Recruiting Tips?

Look for academic and athletic opportunities at sports camps, where athletes can train their skills, learn more about campus life and connect with coaches who sometimes visit to recruit. Try to space out your academic achievements over the course of your high school career to create a planned portfolio for future recruiters.

Respond to all of your correspondents, and avoid assumptions before you speak with the professionals in the area. Different universities have different names, and there are several hundreds of colleges that recruit based on junior college levels. When you get information about a school or a certain program, research the school, and learn as much as you can about its reputation and programs. While many different schools are constantly recruiting, not all of them are right for all athletes.

If possible, visit the colleges when you have time during the summer and holiday breaks throughout the school year. Unofficial visits show your interest in the program and build your reputation as a serious athlete. Contact the coaches ahead of time to schedule a visit and show the school that you are proactive about your athletic future. Prepare some questions to ask, and compare the data to see which schools can provide you with the best potential future.