What Are Some Different Courses in Music?


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Some courses in music include Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Music and Technology, Open University’s An Introduction to Music Theory, Yale University’s Listening to Music and Harvard University’s The Unanswered Question Lectures. These free online courses offer students the opportunity to study music appreciation, theory, composition and more.

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What Are Some Different Courses in Music?
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MIT’s Music and Technology course explores the use of different technologies throughout the history of music, from radio to synthesizers and computers. Students study the works of innovators such as John Cage along with developments well outside the academy, such as turntablism and circuit bending. This is an introductory course suitable for students of all experience levels.

Open University’s An Introduction to Music Theory offers students the basics of musical notation and theory. The eight-hour course also covers general topics such as clefs, meter, pitch and time signatures.

Yale’s Listening to Music is an appreciation course designed to help students become better music listeners. Through more than 20 multimedia lessons, students study the building blocks of music, learning how composers bring different elements together. This diverse course takes students from the works of Bach and Beethoven all the way up to Elton John.

Harvard offers a series of recorded lectures from famed composer Leonard Bernstein, available for free through YouTube. Spanning more than 11 hours, Bernstein’s esoteric lectures cover everything from musical phonology to linguistics and poetry, tracing out the connections between disparate fields of study.

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