What Are Some Different Construction Terms and Their Meanings?


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The construction term "acre" refers to a plot of land that consists of 43,560 square feet. The term "zoning" refers to building restrictions that control the size, location and type of structures that can be built in different areas.

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"Backfill" is the replacement of dug-up earth around and against the foundation for a basement. A "cleat" is a piece of wood used in frame construction and fastened to another member to support it. A movable plate that regulates the draft of a stove, fireplace or furnace is a "damper." Additionally, "escutcheon" is a door hardware that holds the knob and keyhole.

A material attached to the outer part of walls and used as a finishing surface is called "facing." "Glazing" is the placing of glass in windows or doors. Also, diagonal rafters that extend from plate to the ridge form the "hip rafter." Furthermore, "improvements" are any additions that increase the value of a property in the construction industry. Millwork is lumber that has been shaped to a pattern or molded form. The side of an opening for a window or door that sits between the frame and the outer surface of the wall is referred to as a "reveal."

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