What Are Some Different College Nicknames?

What Are Some Different College Nicknames?

Some different college nicknames include the Crimson Tide, the Gators, the Boilermakers and the Buckeyes. Each nickname has a profound meaning and significance in the associated state of the college or university.

The Crimson Tide is a historic college nickname that originates from the Alabama football team. The team was formerly known as the Crimson White and also had a nickname of Thin Red Line. Crimson Tide became a popular nickname after a heated battle between Alabama and its neighboring rival Auburn.

The Gators are a bit more intuitive, as the nickname refers to the University of Florida. Reports indicate that the nickname stems from the notion that alligators are prevalent throughout the state of Florida. Other theories state that a merchant sold pennants and team flags with a gator symbol, thus causing the nickname to stick with the team.

Purdue's official nickname is Boilermakers, which stems from the college's comprehensive engineering history. The nickname is derived from the idea that back in the school's early years, some of the football players on the team were railroad workers from Lafayette, Indiana.

Finally, the Buckeyes is the official nickname for the Ohio State University. Buckeye trees are prominent throughout the state of Ohio, with Ohioans referring to the nickname all the way back to the 1840s.