What Are Some Different Career-Training Colleges?

What Are Some Different Career-Training Colleges?

UEI College, San Bernardino Valley College and Everest are some different career-training colleges. Central Texas College and Westchester Community College are two other career-training colleges.

UEI College prepares students for careers in various fields, including business, health care and technology.

San Bernardino Valley College provides training for pre-school teachers and chefs. The school offers online, evening and weekend classes. Students can obtain a business administration certificate or a degree in child development.

Everest offers career training in a variety of fields, including business, health care and information technology. Students can train to become nurses, medical assistants or dental assistants. They can also go through training to become customer service representatives or bookkeepers.

Central Texas College offers a pharmacy technician certificate program. Students learn the skills necessary to help pharmacists package prescriptions and assist with inventory control. They also learn how to collect payment and coordinate billing. The course consists of 200 hours of fast-paced classroom training. It aims to help students build skills through hands-on practice. Participants who complete the certificate can apply to become pharmacy technicians in their states.

Westchester Community College offers workforce development and career training. Students learn the administrative procedures required to work in various health care settings. Students can participate in the medical administrative assistant training program to prepare for the Medical Administrative Assistant Certification Exam.