What Are the Differences Between the SUNY Colleges in New York?


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Sate University of New York has 64 different colleges that are separated into four different divisions. These different divisions are university centers and doctoral degree-granting Institutions, university colleges, technology colleges, and community colleges.

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Although these four divisions have shared governance, they all offer different degrees, certifications and diplomas and have their own individual educational mission. All SUNY colleges offer their students a high quality education, active student life, devoted and highly accredited teachers, and great career counseling service. All SUNY colleges promote equal education opportunities for the people of New York state.

Furthermore, SUNY has wide variety of academic programs, which it offers both on campus and online. SUNY offers over 7,000 certifications, professional diplomas and baccalaureate programs. SUNY provides around 4,000 online classes for its online students. Additionally, SUNY has excellent graduate programs. Students can choose from graduate programs in 27 different locations around the state. Students in many of SUNY’s graduate programs also take classes online.

All SUNY colleges offer their students different housing possibilities, and every SUNY center has an on-campus housing. There are also over 3,700 student organizations throughout the SUNY system. These student organizations include honors organizations, athletic clubs, cultural groups and volunteer students' societies.

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