What Are Some of the Differences Between Irish Schools and American Schools?


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Irish and American schools differ in terms of assessment methods, the categorization of learning levels and the number of subjects that students take in various classes. The dress code varies in the two countries, with school uniforms being part of the system in Ireland, which is a practice dating back many years, while in America, students are free to wear their own clothes provided they adhere to the dress code.

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What Are Some of the Differences Between Irish Schools and American Schools?
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In American schools, students take tests throughout the year, and the results factor into their grade point averages over the course of learning and influence acceptance into college. Although students take various tests in a school year, two main tests count towards college in Ireland: the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate. U.S. students take fewer subjects and classes in comparison to their Irish peers at the same learning level.

In the United States, students go through grades one to 12, and the learning levels feature elementary, middle school and high school. Irish schools consist of primary and secondary school. Teachers trained in specified fields provide instruction in subjects such as art, music and physical education in America, while in Ireland, a general education teacher handles the special subjects. Teaching in Ireland involves the a core curriculum that standardizes learning, unlike in America, where innovative teaching and ratings systems prevail.

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