What Is the Difference Between Traditional Math and Greg Tang's Kakooma Method?


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Greg Tang’s Kakooma method differs from traditional methods of teaching math by utilizing technology and creativity to deliver lessons and develop new teaching materials. It makes extensive use of puzzles and games to keep students engaged, and it incorporates methods that improve critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

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Greg Tang developed his Kakooma method of teaching after trying to teach his own children. He recognized that requiring them to apply concepts and principles was a more effective way of developing their skills and made it easier to maintain their interest. He developed puzzles and games that incorporated the material from their lessons and based Kakooma on this concept.

Traditional textbooks present addition exercises as a list of calculations to perform. A typical Kakooma puzzle presents a group of numbers and asks the student to select one that is the sum of two others. The student is matched in a competition with another student and is told that the student who gets 10 correct answers first is the winner. The puzzles require the student to perform dozens of calculations, and the competition keeps them attentive while sharpening their skills. Requiring students to solve puzzles also encourages them to apply the concepts and principles they have learned and demonstrates practical uses of the material more than traditional teaching methods.

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