What Are Some Dictionaries for Literary Terms?


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Some dictionaries for literary terms include the Handbook to Literature, the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms, the Multicultural Dictionary of Literary Terms and the Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory. These dictionaries provide definitions of common terms and technical styles that form part of literature.

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The Handbook to Literature is a comprehensive alphabetically arranged reference resource that lists over 2,000 terms and facts in literature, radio, film, linguistics and computing. The Oxford Dictionary provides more than 1,000 literary terms with their witty explanations. The dictionary defines some of the most difficult literary terms encountered by readers and students and covers traditional as well as contemporary styles. It also contains an easy-to-use pronunciation guide for potentially troublesome terms.

The Multicultural Dictionary of Literary Terms gives readers an opportunity to study literature from both Western and non-Western cultures. The dictionary defines and illustrates each term with examples from several authors who draw their information from all categories of literature including drama, poetry and novels. The Penguin Dictionary covers all aspects of literary theory including the definition of technical terms and characterization of literary movements. The dictionary carries information that is ideal for students, teachers, readers and authors. It explains critical literature jargon, defines literary forms and examines the origin of well-known literature phrases.

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