How Do You Determine Your Learning Style?


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Learning styles inventories, also known as multiple intelligences assessments, are available at learning-styles-online.com. Another version of a multiple intelligences assessment is available on Edutopia.org. Each of these quizzes helps the user identify his dominant learning style.

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How Do You Determine Your Learning Style?
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Many people recognize that individuals have unique ways they learn best. Learning styles group together the most common ways people learn. Educators benefit from their students completing learning styles quizzes to identify dominant learning styles in a classroom. Traditional schooling focused mostly on the logical and linguistic intelligences, so students who learned best in these ways were at an advantage.

Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences divides learning into seven distinct styles. Visual-Spatial learners think in terms of physical space. Teachers can educate them effectively using visual aids, models, graphics, cartoons and charts. Bodily-Kinesthetic learners have a bodily awareness. They like to move around and touch the objects they are learning about. They learn effectively using role-play activities, hands-on learning and physical activity. Musical learners love rhythm and sound. They learn best using music and multimedia and turning lessons into lyrics. Interpersonal learners enjoy interacting with others. They often perform well in groups and learn well by using video conferencing, seminars and conversations with others. Intrapersonal learners have a keen understanding of themselves. They prefer to work alone and respond well to independent study, books and privacy. Linguistic learners use words and language most effectively. They learn by reading alone or together, saying words or writing. Logical-Mathematical learners have high reasoning and calculation skills. They learn well using logic games, investigations and puzzles.

Updated versions of multiple intelligences theory often include a category known as Naturalistic intelligence. Naturalistic learners love the outdoors. They learn best while exploring nature and animals, and enjoy hands-on experiences.

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