What Details Are Included in Typical Behavior Contracts?


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A behavior contract includes a list of behavioral targets, a statement explaining the minimum conditions for rewards once the behavioral goals are met, and a clause for bonuses or penalties. To finish it off, it needs the signatures of the student and teacher, states Intervention Central.

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Behavioral targets are stated in positive-goal-oriented terms. It is important to describe the goals in sufficient detail to avoid disagreement or misinterpretation in the future. Behavioral goals should be easy to observe and verify. There are cases when the student can take part in selecting positive goals to increase the child's involvement in the behavioral contract, according to Intervention Central.

Teachers may opt to give rewards such as a point, a sticker or another token when a student meets the prescribed behavioral target. In this case, the behavior contract may state that "Penny will get a flower sticker each time she submits a complete homework." Some contracts include a bonus or penalty clause that states that students receive an additional pay-off for consistently reaching behavioral targets, notes Intervention Central. On the other hand, serious problem behaviors will be given a penalty.

The student and the teacher should signify their agreement on the contract by signing it, says Intervention Central. The teacher may also include the school administrator or the student's parents as signatories.

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