How Do I Describe the Process of Transcription?


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The process of transcription involves reading text or listening to audio and then typing out the contents. Audio transcription often entails extensive editing and formatting. Occasionally, transcriptions will also require translation into another language.

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How Do I Describe the Process of Transcription?
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Transcription is defined as the process of typing out the words from a written or spoken source. General transcription often involves transcribing handwritten notes and printed materials such as receipts, letters, flyers and business cards. It can also involve transcribing recorded audio from interviews, podcasts, videos, telephone conversations and focus groups.

Legal transcription is a specialization that requires a background or education in law, and it is most commonly used to create a written record of the proceedings of court trials. Legal transcription often entails writing down the contents of hearings, interviews and depositions.

Medical transcription is another field of transcription. It requires an extensive knowledge of medical terms, as well as their pronunciation and spelling. Medical transcriptionists are tasked with consolidating printed and handwritten notes in a patient's file into typed text, which will then be included in the hospital's computer database.

Multilingual transcriptionists are especially valued in this new era of global communications. In particular, many notes and recordings nowadays need to be translated to and from English, Spanish and Chinese.

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