How Do You Get Into Dental School?

How Do You Get Into Dental School?

To get into dental school, graduate from college with a bachelor's degree and take classes in specific subjects such as biology and English. You must also pass the Dental Admissions Test, and apply to your chosen dental schools using each school's specific guidelines.

  1. Graduate from college

    Take the right classes while you are in undergraduate school. Aim for credit hours in biology with lab, general chemistry with lab, organic chemistry with lab, physics and English. Contact the dental schools you want to enroll in to find out their precise requirements for undergraduate classes and information on extra credit courses.

  2. Pass the Dental Admissions Test

    Sit the DAT at least one year before you start applying to dental schools. The test is computerized, and you should have one year of biology as well as a grounding in general and organic chemistry before you take the test.

  3. Apply to dental schools

    Follow each school's applications guidelines, and apply at least one year before you want to start school. Most schools use the American Dental Schools Application Service. Individual schools have their own minimum standards for GPA, DAT scores and academic background. You must submit recommendation letters and dental office shadowing is generally required. In many cases, an interview with the dental school's admissions panel or with a school representative are required. In these interviews, you should display confidence, affability and an ability to rise to challenges.