What Are Some Dental Hygiene Worksheet Ideas for Kids?

What Are Some Dental Hygiene Worksheet Ideas for Kids?

Mazes, connect the dots, word searches and word-complete activities are examples of dental hygiene worksheets for kids. Crosswords, puzzles and tooth charts are other dental hygiene worksheets.

One example of a worksheet for dental hygiene is a maze called "Find Your Way to the Dentist Office." This maze has children follow the maze through images related to dental health. The images actually help the children find their way through the maze. For example, an image of soda pop and candy is a dead end. However, going around a picture of dental floss helps kids get to the end of the maze.

Another worksheet for dental hygiene is connect the dots. In this worksheet kids follow the numbers to create a picture of a tooth and some toothpaste.

Word searches often include words related to dental health such as cavity, molar and dentist. Word-complete worksheets feature the same vocabulary. However, this activity prompts children to add letters to complete partial words. Word scrambles feature words with the letters in the wrong order. Kids have to unscramble the letters to spell the words.

Crossword-puzzle worksheets include clues for kids to decode. For instance, a clue could be "A primary cause of cavities and gingivitis." The answer is "plaque."