What Are Some Degrees Offered by Imperial College London?

What Are Some Degrees Offered by Imperial College London?

The Imperial College of London offers degrees in the areas of science, technology and engineering including aeronautics, computing and the life sciences. Undergraduate students can obtain \bachelor's and master's degrees in science or engineering. Graduate students can pursue five different master's degrees, a postgraduate certificate or diploma, and three different doctoral qualifications.

Specific undergraduate degrees at the college include aeronautical engineering, civil engineering and geology. Programs vary in length from three to five years.

Master's degree options for graduate students include business administration, public health and education. Specific concentrations include nanomaterials, structural steel design and innovative design engineering. Programs generally require one year of full-time study to complete, though some programs offer part time programs which can be completed in two to three years.

Doctoral qualifications at the college include a doctor of philosophy, engineering doctorate and medical doctor.

The college's Centre for Continuing Professional Development offers semester long and short courses for continuing education in multiple areas of science, engineering, medicine and business.

Imperial College Business School provides education opportunities to business executives. Programs open to individuals cover topics including finance, innovation and entrepreneurship. The school also offers custom programs tailored to an individual or corporation's specific educational needs.