What Are Some Degree Templates?

What Are Some Degree Templates?

Free Diploma Templates, Certificate Templates Online and DonnaYoung.org are sites that provide free degree templates. DonnaYoung.org's templates are intended for home-school degrees, while Free Diploma Templates and Certificate Templates Online provide more-generic degree templates.

Free Diploma Templates offers its templates in Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word format, and Certificate Templates Online offers templates in Microsoft Word format. DonnaYoung.org offers the widest variety of formats: PDF, Microsoft Word and rich text.

Printing a custom degree at home is not against federal law, but may violate state statutes. It is not illegal to create a legitimately earned or purely decorative document with a degree template, such as a degree certificate for a home-schooled student.

Texas, Virginia, Illinois and Nevada are among the states that completely prohibit using a fraudulent university degree for any reason. The U.S. military also prohibits the use of fraudulent degrees. California is a state that explicitly allows the use of such degrees; its law restricting their use has been lapsed since 2007.

Always check state and local laws to ensure that printing and using a degree from a template is legal. In some states, the penalty for obtaining employment with an unearned degree or falsified transcript involves fees and potential jail time. It is punishable by up to one year in jail or a $1,000 fine in Florida. In Washington, the maximum penalty is five years in prison or a $10,000 fine.