How Do You Get a Degree in Speech Pathology?


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A Bachelor of Science in speech-language pathology can typically be attained by completing a curriculum that includes core courses in language development and speech disorders, as well as hands-on clinical components, at an accredited four-year college. Over 300 U.S. schools offer a speech pathology program, as of 2015.

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How Do You Get a Degree in Speech Pathology?
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A speech pathology program introduces students to the study of language processes and communication disorders. Typically the core courses include audiology, phonetics, brain and language, vocal mechanisms, and literacy and literacy development. Degree holders can become speech pathology aides and work under a licensed pathologist as evaluators, treatment plan coordinators or language pathology assistants.

Practicing speech pathology in a clinical environment requires a Master of Science in speech-language pathology. Courses necessary for a master's degree typically include those studying language disorders, articulation disorders, stuttering, dysphasia and neuropathology. In order to be licensed, graduates must pass a national standardized speech pathology examination administered by Praxis Series of the Educational Testing Service. They must also complete a certain number of clinical hours, with the required number varying by state.

Doctoral programs are available in speech-language pathology. Ph.D. programs generally focus on applied science and research, allowing the student to individualize her study to a specific area. Typically a dissertation is required to complete a doctorate.

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