What Are Some Degree Programs Offered by Brandon University?

What Are Some Degree Programs Offered by Brandon University?

Degree programs at Brandon University include undergraduate programs such as the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Education. Graduate studies are available in rural development, music, education, environmental and life sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science covers wildlife conservation, pollution, climate change and resource management. Biodiversity, Physical Sciences and Resource Management are the three concentrations. There is also a similar Master of Science in Environmental and Life Sciences that provides interdisciplinary study that combines biology, chemistry, environmental science, geography and geology.

The Bachelor of Music and Master of Music provide both music theory and practice to students. The Master of Music has Piano, Collaborative Piano, Strings, Conducting and Composition among its concentrations, whereas the Bachelor of Music includes education and performance focuses. The Bachelor of Fine Arts has Painting, Ceramics, Aboriginal Art and Drawing as concentration options.

The Bachelor of Business Administration aims at providing a foundation either for further study or entry into the business administration, management and entrepreneurship fields. The Bachelor of Education has either an after-degree pathway or a five-year integrated degree.

Students can study rural governance, community relations and networking with the Master of Rural Development.