What Degree Programs Does Ashworth College Offer Online?

Ashworth College students can obtain associate, bachelor's and master's degrees through the school, as well as professional certifications, career diplomas, certificates, undergraduate certificates and graduate certificates. Fields of study include business, creative services, criminal justice, trades and education. Health care and technology are additional options for degree or certificate concentration.

Options for the business concentration include a professional certification in accounting basics, bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration, associate degrees in construction management, undergraduate certificates in human resource management and professional certification as a payroll clerk.

Those interested in pursuing a degree or certificate in creative services can find diplomas in event planning, floral design, landscaping, jewelry design and repair and writing children's books, as well as professional certifications in gourmet cooking and catering, interior decorating and wedding planning.

Criminal justice students can explore the school's certificate in criminal litigation, diploma in forensic science and bachelor's degree in criminal justice, while those interested in trades can achieve certificates in automotive automatic transmissions, automotive engine performance, automotive manual drive trains and automotive HVAC. Several diplomas are also available.

The education field includes specializations in early childhood education, child care providing, teacher assisting and child development. Health care concentrations include health care management, while the school's technology segment offers diplomas, degrees and certificates in a variety of computer-related fields.

The curriculum content is delivered solely online and feedback between lecturers and students is done through the online platform provided by the college. The Ashworth College official website provides a comprehensive list of all the courses offered and details on how to enroll.