How Do You Get a Degree in Nutrition?

How Do You Get a Degree in Nutrition?

To get a degree in nutrition, graduate from a college that has an accredited program in nutrition or dietetics. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, programs are available both in person and via distance education.

  1. Complete prerequisites and apply

    Attain needed education, such as a high school diploma or its equivalent, and get accepted to a college that offers such an accredited program. If you are returning to college after having graduated in a field unrelated to nutrition, have a nutrition or dietetics program director analyze your transcript and list the classes you need from that school to satisfy nutrition or dietetics requirements. Consider these factors when selecting programs to apply to: school and program size, cost, financial aid, location, faculty, degrees and degree levels and graduate success.

  2. Get accepted into the degree program

    Apply for the nutrition or dietetics program, and get accepted. If you are in undergraduate school for the first time, you usually apply one to two years into a four-year degree, after you have completed many general education classes.

  3. Satisfy program requirements and graduate

    Meet at least the minimum requirements for the degree. These entail certain grades and practical, real-world experience in the nutrition field. You can get this experience separately from classes or at the same time.