What Degree Does a Basketball Coach Need?

degree-basketball-coach-need Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

To coach basketball in high school or college, candidates usually need a bachelor's degree that reflects their experience in physical education. Teaching degrees that have a concentration in physical education or coaching can also be beneficial. Each school has different requirements; however, assistant coaching and basketball-playing experience may also be taken into consideration.

While earning a bachelor's degree, potential coaches need to focus on taking courses that help them hone in on specific skills while teaching them game regulations. Proper courses will teach would-be coaches how to pay close attention to detail, the ethics of the game and how to work with players.

Some states may also require coaches to get special certifications before they can start a position. To become certified in these states, coaches take specific courses or examinations. These certifications may not be limited to school faculty, so assistant coaches and non-faculty members interacting with the team may also need them.

Professional-level basketball coaching positions may also be available. In addition to a degree, the coach needs years of experience and a history of winning. If the coach is working on a college level, he may also need to have the ability to recruit new players. This means possessing excellent communication skills in addition to being organized, a skilled player, a strategist and an overall leader.