How Do You Get a Degree in Animal Behavior?


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Animal Behavior studies can be pursued through most universities' Science or Biology departments, and a degree can be earned through a Bachelor's or Master's of Science degree program, according to the Animal Behavior Society. According to Indiana University, Animal Behavior involves the scientific study of all aspects related to the nature of animals. In particular, it is focused on understanding the hows and whys, in relation to development and functions of animal behavior, as well as studying such from an evolutional perspective.

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How Do You Get a Degree in Animal Behavior?
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According to the University of New England, there are only a handful of schools in the United States who offer an undergraduate degree in Animal Behavior. This type of major draws from psychology, biology, neuroscience and several other disciplines. Animal Behavior is considered an interdisciplinary major given the different areas it covers during its course study. Animal Behavior courses often investigate how organisms relate to their physical and social environments and how these relationships affect their survival and reproduction.

If a university does not offer an Animal Behavior course, a student can pursue the fields of Ethology and some psychology courses and degrees in order to start a career in Animal Behavior, as these two fields overlap with the goals and ideals of an Animal Behavior major. However, most career opportunities for animal behaviorists require advanced degrees, such as a Master or a Doctorate degree, according to Indiana University.

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