What Is the Definition of a Sovereign Person?


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The literal definition of a sovereign person is one possessing supreme or ultimate power and has the supreme authority and power to act on one’s own affairs and in his dealings with others. However, the term has taken on a different meaning during recent times.

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A sovereign individual is one who believes in the rights and power of the individual or someone who does not trust the government. He wants more power in the hands of the individual and is willing to do things for himself.

The term "sovereign citizen" has come to cover a broad category of individuals who do not believe in the authority of the government or its laws, or it describes someone who believes he is beyond the authority of the laws of the government.

The sovereign citizen movement is a group of loosely related individuals and groups who believe that they are only subject to their own interpretations of the common law and that the statutes, taxation, currency and authority of any government is illegitimate.

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