What Is the Definition of an Intranet?

What Is the Definition of an Intranet?

An intranet is a computer network accessible only to a group of authorized users. Organizations and companies use intranets to facilitate communication and collaboration among employees.

The technology's defining quality of an intranet is that it aids in teamwork within an organization. Many technology companies produce intranet software, including programs such as SharePoint, Huddle, Igloo and Jostle.

An intranet helps with data storage by providing an online forum for the exchange or electronic posting of data or documents. This helps reduce the time and cost associated with a physical document's maintenance. It also helps ensure that employees have access to the most recent updates to particular resources.

In most intranet applications, a group of employees can collaborate remotely by sharing and tracking a project on the network. This type of project management can eliminate the need for travel, prevent dissemination of inaccurate data and produce faster results, adding to overall efficiency.

Many companies use the platform to post vocational training materials, human resource documents and employee event calendars. In many cases, companies use intranets for electronic timekeeping.

Some intranets are limited to a specific group of computers within a local network, while others are accessed remotely using the Internet and authorized log-in credentials.