What Is the Definition of Faith?


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The definition of faith is to have confidence or believe in a person or thing. It is possible to have faith not only in a person, but also in an establishment. For example, a person can have faith in their favorite product or their government. Faith is also associated with religion; this is seen when someone has faith in teachings of religion or a god.

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The word "faith" itself is often used in the teachings of many religions. For example, faith in Buddhism does not require one to have blind faith. Most Buddhist are required to have a certain degree of blind faith, but that is an aspect that is witnessed in nearly every religion. In Christianity, however, faith is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church says that Christianity is not distinguished by faith but is an object of faith. The Catholic Church also says that faith plays a role in helping people align their lives with Christian beliefs.

In other religions, such as Bahá'í Faith, faith is required for any kind of spiritual growth. In this religion, however, faith involves a lot more than just someone showing obedience to authority on the outside. The followers of this faith believe that they can only find enlightenment by gaining a personal understanding of the teachings of their religion.

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