What Is the Definition of "career Path"?

A career path is the steady progress an individual makes in his or her line of work, according to Cambridge Dictionaries Online. A person's career path may involve one job or a series of jobs. For example, the career path for an editor of a daily newspaper publication might involve starting out as an editorial assistant, then working as a reporter, then becoming the managing editor, and finally reaching the ultimate position of editor.

Your career path can be thought of as a map that leads to your final career goal or destination. To create that map, you determine where you want to go with your work, and consider what steps will lead you there. According to U.S. News Money, a good way to start mapping out your career is to envision where you see yourself and your work in one year, three years and five years.

Here are a few questions to answer as you work to define your career path: What are your values, strengths and interests? What does success mean to you? What knowledge, skills or credentials do you need to acquire to reach your career goals? Are you satisfied with the long-term trajectory of your current job?