How Do You Define Bravery?

Bravery is the mindset of being ready to face any obstacle or challenge and showing courage in the midst of chaos and instability. A brave individual can be anyone from a soldier fighting in a war to a child performing everyday tasks. Bravery is demonstrated by maintaining a strong mental fortitude and not cowering or succumbing to fear and ridicule. The opposite of bravery is cowardice, and cowardly individuals are people who turn and flee from a difficult situation.

Soldiers constantly demonstrate bravery because they put their lives at risk in order to preserve the stability of their respective nations. These individuals are deployed into the heart of battle, and have to endure both physical and mental anguish. Most human beings don't have the mental strength to perform their duties, hence they are regarded as brave and courageous individuals.

An everyday individual can also demonstrate bravery by standing up to his adversaries or saying what's on his mind regardless of the social repercussions. Bravery can be seen in a small child standing up to her bullies, or an individual speaking out against unfairness or racism. Bravery is an extremely laudable quality, and most parents try to teach this quality to their offspring at an early age.