How Do You Get a Deeper Voice?


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A deeper voice can be attained by relaxing the muscles surrounding the throat while focusing on speaking calmly and slowly. Voice exercises and increased testosterone levels also deepen the voice. Testosterone levels can be increased through exercise and by eating testosterone boosting foods, such as red meat. Making a conscious effort to speak more deeply yields results over time through the force of habit.

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Tense muscles around the windpipe raise the pitch of the voice. This phenomenon is commonly heard when a person is startled and lets out a high-pitched scream. For this reason, relaxing the muscles around the windpipe deepens the voice instantly.

Many people who take sedatives find that their voice deepens. This is due to the medication's relaxing effect on the muscles surrounding the throat. The side-effects of sedatives make them an impractical method of deepening one's voice, unless the sedative is being used to treat a medical condition.

The voice can also be made to sound deeper by slightly scratching the throat by singing an intense rock song or speaking gruffly for several minutes. Formal voice training, such as opera singing, teach how to control and project the voice, which can help a person speak in a deeper voice if they choose. Many people feel a deep voice commands respect and evokes trust.

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