How Do You Decide on Good Names for Babies?


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Some tips to decide on a good baby name include waiting until the baby is actually born, sharing top name choices with a close friend and trying out different names for a couple of days. There is no surefire strategy for picking a baby name, but these tips and tricks can help narrow down potential choices.

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The deadline for picking a name might seem like the day of the delivery, but the period after a baby is born is often the best time to select a name. New parents can spend endless amounts of time arguing over names or looking through baby books, but a name might not seem totally right or wrong until they’ve actually looked their newborn in the eyes.

Although it’s ultimately up to the mom and dad, sharing potential names with a close friend or family member lets parents gauge other people’s reactions to naming choices, helping to narrow down possible selections. Be selective in sharing names, as soliciting too many different opinions inevitably brings in conflicting perspectives. A close friend’s reaction can help parents confirm their confidence in a name or better acknowledge possible reservations about it.

Testing out different names for a day or two at a time is another useful trick. Parents can select a couple of top choices and try referring to them frequently in normal conversation. Often, this can help determine whether a name feels right or wrong.

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