What Does DataDirector Do for Companies?

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's DataDirector is an educational tool for schools that provides an integrated, online platform to unite assessment and data management. The program gives educators both a way to easily manage individual class assessment as well as to see the bigger picture of the school or district's overall performance.

DataDirector is designed for K-12 educators and aligns with federal and state educational standards. The program is web-based and is easily accessible to educators wherever they are. Among the data the program utilizes are state tests, demographic information and grades, district or system administered tests and the everyday classroom assessments that students receive from their teachers.

Through DataDirector, teachers and school administrators can better understand their students' assessment data and demographic data, attendance at programs and events, professional development activities, paraprofessional activities and data pertaining to individual teacher success. For example, through DataDirector, administrators at schools can see who their successful and struggling teachers are, as well as whether their classes are performing according to grade level or falling behind.

On the basis of the data provided by DataDirector, educators can then focus on long and short-term patterns and needs, develop enrichment programs and intervention and identify opportunities for professional development.