What Is Dance Mat Typing?


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Dance Mat Typing is a free, online typing course produced by the BBC for kids. The program offers interactive lessons in stages to help make learning to type fun for kids.

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Dance Mat Typing is broken up into four levels. Each level has four stages for the child to work through in order to learn to type. Lessons are designed to be fun, interactive and encouraging. Each lesson has an animated animal as the teacher and cartoon hands to help kids know which fingers they should use to type, and there is a celebratory song at the end of every stage.

There are also typing games available at the Dance Mat Typing website. These free games offer extra practice outside of the lessons. A typing test is available for free to learn how many words per minute a child can type and a Keyboard Ninja who offers lots of helpful hints on mastering the use of a keyboard.

The program does not require a sign up, so kids can easily start on their lessons as soon as they sit down at the computer. The program is considered to be easy enough for a child to do without assistance. The program requires Flash, so it may not work on all devices.

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