What Are Some Cute and Unusual Baby Girl Names?


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Some cute and unusual baby names released by Nameberry in 2013, and reported by Fit Pregnancy, include Anwen, Garland, Leda, Oceane and Sonnet. Other unique names for a girl include Amorie, Blaze, Cameo, Ginevra and Scotland.

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What Are Some Cute and Unusual Baby Girl Names?
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Unique names inspired by wildflowers and nature include Willow, Azalea, Magnolia, Clover and Poppy. Some names have their origin from herbs and spices, including Sage, Rosemary, Juniper, Saffron and Cayenne. Names from Ancient Greek mythology offer parent's a unique but classical name for a girl, including Athena, Aurelia, Penelope, Persephone and Olympia.

Some last names create unusual first names, such as Nixon, Lennon, Kennedy, Henley and McKinley. Famous authors or their characters are a good source for unique names, including Emerson, Esme, Olive and Tennessee. Mid-century names sometimes come back into vogue, thanks to popular television, and include Betty, Peggy, Trudy, Penny and Mae.

Names tied to uplifting ideals and inspired by joy include Bodhi, Justice, Serenity, Eden and Valor. Names inspired by video games are great for parents who are into gaming and want something a little more funky, such as Etro, Cor, Nox, Tifa and Aeris. Names inspired by seasons include Winter, Snow, Summer and Autumn. A few names inspired by animals include Fawn, Fox, Puma, Dove and Kitty.

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