What Are Some Cute Sayings to Go With a Candy Bar?

Some cute sayings to go with a candy bar include “You came through in a CRUNCH,” “You’re worth more than 100 GRAND” and “Thanks for the fun and SNICKERS!” A cute saying to go with a candy bar for a birthday might wish the recipient mounds of fun and accompany a Mounds bar, while a get-well message to accompany a Butterfinger candy bar might include a play on words about getting "butter" soon.

In addition to candy bars, there are a number of cute sayings to go with other types of candy. A good saying to accompany Lifesavers describes the recipient as a lifesaver, while a box of Hot Tamales candy is a romantic gesture with a note about the recipient being a hot tamale himself. To express the sentiment of missing someone, a phrase such as "I go to pieces" works with a bag of Reese Pieces. Love-themed sayings describe the recipient as a joy, accompanied by an Almond Joy. To say congratulations on a new baby, or call a love interest baby, a good candy is a Babe Ruth bar.

There are also many cute sayings to accompany candy with an apology theme. Airheads sour candy goes well with apologies about being an airhead or things “going sour,” while Ice Breakers gum or mints match phrases about breaking the ice.