What Are Some Cute Quotes for Girls?

What Are Some Cute Quotes for Girls?

Some cute quotes for girls are Martha Graham's quote that passion is what makes a dancer great and Eleanor Roosevelt's quote that difficult times help a woman realize how strong she is. Likewise, Margaret Sanger adds a cute quote that a woman should not accept life but challenge it, and Anita Roddick says that a woman should spend her life trying to be different than others.

Martha Graham says that people don't judge others based on her technical dancing skills. She encourages people to "get up and dance." Graham says that technique is not what makes a dancer great, but rather the dancer's passion is what sets her apart from others.

Eleanor Roosevelt compares the trials that a woman endures in life to a bag of tea. Roosevelt says that a satchel of tea doesn't reveal its strength until it sits in hot water. Similarly, a woman doesn't learn what she is made of until she goes through metaphorical hot water, or struggles, in life.

Another cute quote for girls is Margaret Sanger's quote that a woman should find the place in her soul that struggles for self expression. A woman should not just accept the things around her, Sanger says. Rather, a woman should challenge things around her and find ways to express herself.

Similarly, Anita Roddick says that choosing to be different than other people makes a woman stand out. Roddick's quote says that she learned this advice from her mother. She adds that acting differently than others is a good trait for an entrepreneur because unique qualities help a woman distinguish herself from others.