What Curriculum Does A Beka Online School Offer for Homeschoolers?


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A Beka Academy, an online education program for homeschooling families and Christian schools, uses a curriculum developed specifically for and by the company; courses vary by grade level. Students can expect to study core subjects like language arts, math, science and history as well as religion and elective courses. Grades kindergarten through twelfth grade are available.

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A Beka Academy's curriculum consists of videos through streaming media or DVDs along with books, assessments with answer keys, the King James Bible and other supplementary materials. The videos used are actually taped classroom sessions with students and teachers from Pensacola Christian Academy in Florida. Depending on the grade level, students can spend as little as 50 minutes or as much as 3 hours per class on the lectures along with any additional homework, notes Baker's Guide.

The ninth grade curriculum consists of English, physical education, geography, physical science, algebra, health and Hebrew history, while twelfth grade features Bible study, performing arts, English, precalculus, government and economics. Some electives for highschoolers include consumer science, business math, physics, orchestra, speech and keyboarding, according to the A Beka Academy website.

A Beka Academy's curriculum is designed so that students can work mostly on their own, so it's helpful for parents who don't have teacher training, suggests Baker's Guide.

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