How Is CultureGrams Kids Edition Used in the Classroom?


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Teachers use CultureGrams Kids Edition in the classroom to teach a range of subjects including language arts, geography, current events, history and math. Maps charting topography, political and regional differences and graphs and tables, comparing data across countries and identifying trends are among the teaching tools included in CultureGrams Kids.

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CultureGrams provides an opportunity for students to learn how to conduct online research as they search the CultureGrams database for information on the day-to-day life, customs, history and language of over 200 countries. With built-in distance calculators and currency converters, as well as an option for creating graphs and data tables, CultureGrams engages students in the practical application of mathematical concepts. Potential learning activities range from comparing rates of population growth to charting the impact of natural disasters on economic growth.

Teachers build learning activities around the program's varied content elements like its in-depth video interviews regarding culture and daily life. Asking students to reflect in writing on their perceptions or conclusions after viewing a series of interviews is an opportunity to foster analytical skills and meet language arts requirements. Options for learning the vocabulary of various languages and hearing them spoken enhance cultural understanding and provides unique learning opportunities, like discussing the impact of one language on another or the evolution of a language within its historical context.

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