What Does "culebrilla Fotos" Mean in English?


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"Culebrilla fotos" is a Spanish term which translates to "shingles photos" in English. Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a virus transmitted among humans. People who have never caught the virus, usually children, develop chickenpox after contracting it. However, the reappearance of the virus in adults is called shingles.

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La culebrilla, or shingles, is a late-occurring version of the herpes zoster virus. The first occurrence of the herpes zoster virus, whether in adults or children, appears as the common childhood disease chickenpox. Once the herpes zoster virus is contracted, it never leaves the body. In some cases, adults can have a resurgence of the virus that appears as the generally more symptomatic shingles disease, or la culebrilla.

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