What Are Some Credits Required to Graduate High School?

The credits required to graduate from high school depend on the specific high school or high school system but generally include a mixture of credit or course requirements in math, science and language arts. The District of Columbia public school system, Portland public school system and the private San Francisco University High School all have different expectations for their potential graduates.

As of the 2007 to 2008 school year, District of Columbia public high schools require students to complete .5 credit each of arts and music, 3.5 elective credits, 4 credits each of English, science, math and social studies, 1.5 health and physical education credits and 2 credits of world languages. The Portland public school system also requires graduating high school students to have completed a total of 24 credits of English, math, science, social studies, world language, health education, physical education and additional optional course areas. In addition, potential graduates in Portland must demonstrate proficiency in basic education and complete a series of specific projects to prepare them to pursue further education or enter the workforce.

To graduate from San Francisco University High School, students must take a minimum set of courses. These required courses include two English courses, three mathematics and three foreign language courses, two each of biology and chemistry courses, two history classes and one art history course. Students also take two health courses and two courses in the arts. Each year, San Francisco University High School students must also complete specific community service requirements that culminate in a final class project during the senior year. Each semester, students must meet a physical education requirement.