What Are Some Creative Writing Prompts for Children?


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A creative writing prompt for children is to ask them to imagine themselves as a superhero and write about their adventures. Other prompts include asking children to write about their likes and dislikes or about their family life.

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Prompt a child's imagination by asking him to imagine a trip to the moon or another planet and write about what is up there. If a genie appeared and wanted to grant the child three wishes, what would happen? Ask the children to describe what they would do if they were invisible for a day or they won a million dollars. Let them write about what would be the ideal toy or video game and how it works.

Children can write about themselves by imagining what they would be like and what they want to do when they grow up. If they could, how would the child change the world and what would they teach others? Ask the child to think of something they don't want to do and then come up with 10 of the most outrageous excuses possible. Challenge the students to make the longest run-on sentence possible by writing about what they have to do this week. If they run out of real things, they can make up silly things until they fill the page.

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