What Are Some Creative Ways to Teach Students Parliamentary Procedure?

What Are Some Creative Ways to Teach Students Parliamentary Procedure?

Creative ways to teach parliamentary procedure include a meeting agenda ordering game, trivia game, role playing and cooking parliamentary procedure activities. The games and activities introduce students to the components of the parliamentary process, including the roles of each person and the types of motions.

In the meeting agenda ordering game, each student gets a card with a part of a typical meeting, such as calling the meeting to order or specific motions. Students arrange themselves in order as the events happen in a real meeting.

A trivia game option quizzes students on the different parts of the parliamentary procedure. Examples of questions are how to start or end a meeting and specific questions about different types of motions.

Role playing gives students a chance to actually participate in the parliamentary process in a controlled environment before trying it in an actual meeting. Each student gets an assigned role. The group receives a scenario and background information on the meeting, including the goals they need to achieve during the meeting. A variation is to choose a small group of volunteers. Each student gets her role secretly and acts out her part of the meeting without anyone else knowing what that role is.

Pizza and trail mix work well for the cooking activity. To add any ingredients to the trail mix or any toppings on the pizza, someone must make a motion. Others must second the motion as they would in a meeting.